Radio Button Components for Vuejs

Radio Button Components for Vuejs

The vuejs-radio is a vue.js component that creates an unordered list of viellist items, with two or more options for each item. The user can select one or more options from the list by clicking on their corresponding radio button. When no option is selected, the default value will be preselected automatically. Radio Button Components for Vuejs

The vuejs-radio supports both single and multiple selections, as well as custom labels for all buttons in the group (except the default).

1. What are radio buttons and what do they look like

2. How to use radio button components in Vue

3. An example of how to use radio buttons with Vue

4. Why you should use radios instead of checkboxes or dropdowns

5. The benefits of using radios over other input types for the user experience

6. Drawbacks of using radios that you need to be aware of before implementing them into your application


export default Vue.component('radioButton', {
        props: ['name', 'label', 'id', 'value']

Component Template:

<label class="radio" :for="id">
  <input type="radio" :id="id" class="radio-button" :value="value" :name="name">
   <span class="radio-circle">
  <span class="radio-circle__inner">
  <span class="radio-button__label">{{ label }}</span>


<radio-button name="options" id="option-1" label="1" :value="selectedValue" />
    <radio-button name="options" id="option-2" label="2" :value="selectedValue" />


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